Agency for live events

Outbox agency is specialized in organizing and promotion all indoor and outdoor concerts and events in Croatia.
Our experience in live show industry as well as our passion towards music comes from more than 15 years promoting concerts in Croatia. During that long time we have built our experience through various concerts of international artist like: U2, Beyonce, Robbie Williams, Bon Jovi, Metallica, George Michael….in venues from stadium to concert halls.
Since then we made happy more than a million fans, made so many partnerships, provided small and big sponsorships, worked with lots of managers, agents, promoters and artists, resolved complicated situations and at the end we became top experts.
We started as two moms with crazy boldness to do what we love, to be entrepreneurs and the result is an agency that is successfully promotion various events for 5 years. We have a history of more than 100 shows, over million sold tickets but THAT IS JUST THE BEGINNING.

Agency for digital marketing

How we became digital agency and  advertising company?
Easy. With the development of new technologies and social networks, we had to learn and develop our skills on every step of our business. Working on events we had to keep up with new achievements and we were slowly becoming experts in online advertising. We understood that with digital marketing we can easily get to the audience and we can easily create campaigns based on clearly measurable results we’ve got. Today we can tell that we are really experts in promotion and marketing.

Outbox team

Behind us is more than a hundred concerts, a million sold tickets and the same number of fans.

But that’s all just a beginning.

Ivana Bokulić Rajić

Master of journalism

I’m proud founder of Outbox! Why proud? Because when you love what you do and in the same time you are working for yourself than you can reach all goals and you can really love and live your job!
How I strarted? Unplanned – one day I was walking with my dog and my frend told me that his boss needed assistance. I said ok, I can try. Two days after I was working in the biggest promotor agency in Croatia. During that time I’ve learned every step of organization from paperwork till the crisis situatuions. And when I finaly had “a know how” logical step was my own business with my best frend Sanja and today I can tell that was the best decision. This is short story but if you want to know more I really really adore coffee so you can always come to our office to talk 🙂

Sanja Ajdinovski

PR expert

My way from wannabe nutrition engineer turned to Santana’s concert in 2004 where I was selling tickets at the box office as s student. Concert was really amazing and my way changed forever – I wanted to do concerts, marketing, public relations. The rest is history  –  biggest, craziest concerts, highest levels of stress and fun, best coworkers in the world. The idea of turning my knowledge into private bussiness came 9 years later while drinking coffe with my great friend Ivana. The decision was simple and fast. In Outbox, I am in charge in promotion and marketing and my significant other in bussiness – Ivana aka Boxa, in financies, logistic and design. We both keep one corner of our little but big bussiness and the sky is the limit.

If you like us and if you like what we do