Icon of the Latin pop music scene, famous Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias is coming back to Zagreb with his worldwide tour “All the hits Live” to perform his greatest hits.

Thanks to the latest technologies, the artist will treat his audience with a magnificent show. His show will involve a lot of special effects, for example, a LED light wall of 500 m2, which means twice more light and pyrotechnic effects, making the performance truly outstanding and unforgettable.

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  • Shakira – Stadium Velika Gorica
  • Orchestra for the wedding and funerals – Goran Bregović – Umag
  • Iron Maiden – Stadium Poljud Split
  • Lenny Kravitz – Jazine Zadar
  • Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra – Šalata, Zagreb
  • U2 – 2 shows – Stadium Maksimir, Zagreb
  • Seal – Jazine, Zadar
  • Metallica – Hippodrome Zagreb
  • Bon Jovi – Stadium Maksimir, Zagreb
  • Red Hot Chilli Papers – Hippodrome, Zagreb
  • Roger Water The Wall – Stadium Poljud, Split
  • Robbie Williams – Stadium Maksimir, Zagreb
  • Santana – Jazine Zadar
  • Leonard Cohen – Amphitheater Pula
  • Joe Cocker – Amphitheater Pula
  • Joss Stone – Amphitheater Pula
  • Deep Purple & Gibonni – Jazine, Zadar
  • David Gilmour – Amphitheater Pula
  • Viva Riva Festival – Zadar
  • Habana Social Club – Split, Hvar, Zadar, Rijeka, Pula
  • 2Cellos i Simfonijski orkestar – Amphitheater Pula

INDOOR SHOWS ( Arena & sport halls)

  • Beyonce – Arena Zagreb
  • Lady Gaga – Arena Zagreb
  • Rammstein– Arena Zagreb,  Arena Stožice Ljubljana
  • Iron Maiden  – Arena Zagreb
  • Roger Waters The Wall–  Arena Zagreb
  • Sade- Arena Zagreb
  • George Michael- Arena Zagreb
  • Sting– Arena Zagreb, Arena Stožice Ljubljana
  • Lenny Kravitz – Arena Zagreb
  • Leonard Cohen– Arena Zagreb
  • Shakira– Arena Zagreb
  • Britney Spears– Arena Zagreb
  • Depeche Mode– Arena Zagreb
  • Massive Attack– Hall Dom Sportova Zagreb
  • Backstreet Boys– Arena Zagreb
  • Guns’n Roses– Arena Zagreb
  • Korn– Zagreb
  • Slipknot– Arena Zagreb
  • Jean Michel Jarre– Arena Zagreb, Arena Stožice Ljubljana
  • Whitesnake – Osijek
  • Rebelde -Hall Hala Tivoli Ljubljana
  • Muse – Zagreb
  • Klapa Intrade–  Arena Zagreb
  • Simply Red – Hall Hala Tivoli Ljubljana
  • Joe Cocker– Arena Zagreb
  • Tom Jones– Arena Zagreb, Arena Beograd
  • Mark Knopfler– Hall Dom Sportova Zagreb
  • Lord of the Dance– Hall Cibona Zagreb
  • Top Gear Live– Arena Zagreb
  • Il Divo – Arena Zagreb
  • Budapest Gypsy symphony Orchestra – Hall Višnjik Zadar, Šalata
  • Enrique Iglesias – Arena Zagreb
  • Musical Cats – 3 predstave – Arena Zagreb
  • The Dire Straits Experience– Hall Cibona Zagreb

SMALLER SHOWS ( but as important to us as any other)

  • Chippendales – Zagreb
  • Limp Bizkit – Varaždin
  • Nightwish – Zagreb
  • Tarja Turunen – Zagreb
  • Slayer – Zagreb
  • Megadeth – Zagreb
  • Joan Baez – Zagreb
  • Mozart Wiener Orchestra – Zagreb
  • Balet na ledu – Orašar- Pula
  • Peter Bence– Zagreb


  • Walking with Dinosaurs– Zagreb
  • Cirque du Soleil– Zagreb
  • Disney on ice– Zagreb
  • Cesar Millan – Zagreb
  • Moscow Circus on Ice – Zagreb


  • Promotion of the movie “Les GarÇons et Guillaume, a table!” – Zagreb
  • Fair of mother entrepreneurs – Zagreb
  • Course how to run your own business – Zagreb
  • Exhibition of Salvador Dali – Rovinj
  • Course of giving birth and baby care – Zagreb
  • Parter numeration: 2Cellos, Arena Zagreb – UFC, Arena Zagreb – Fight Night Zagreb, Arena Zagreb
  • InDesign fair  – ticketing provider
  • Justin Bieber, Arena Zagreb – Merchandise
  • Mozart Wiener Orchestra, KD V. Lisinskog – Merchandise
  • Katia Guerreiro, KD V. Lisinski – Merchandise
  • 14. Bistra Days & Čušpajzijada (cooking competition, concerts, various entertainment programs)

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