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It’s wonderful when there is no differenece wheather you are small or big company. On Internet we are all the same. We can make you a big even though you are small.

We bring creative, strategic and innovative solutions that help clients in new challenges.


Facebook is the largest social network in the world, so it is one of the most important strategy for promoting and selling your products and services.


The goal of Google Ads (Google AdWords) campaign is to get new customers and buyers, while paying only for those who are interested in your product or service.



Content marketing goal is to create and share useful and interesting content to attract new and keep existing users for your products or services.

Most people will tell you if you are not online it seems like you don’t exist.

Of course, we agree with them and look forward to create your success together!

Facebook Marketing

With over 1.5 billion Facebook users, Facebook is the largest social network in the world.  So it is understandable that Facebook is “must have” channel for promoting and selling products and services. Through Facebook advertising we help you find your target audience, segment them according to various characteristics such as their age, interests, location and online behavior, and capture their attention with informative and interesting content.



  • prepare and publish content
  • communicate with the users
  • make ads and budgets
  • measure results
  • create and update the content


  • increase awareness of our brand
  • connect with customers
  • achieve two-way communication
  • increase our site visit
  • communicate the message we want

Google Ads (Google Adwords) is the most effective way of advertising, because we’re active right when a user is searching for information. This means that when a user writes a keyword in a search engine, if our ad is optimally created, it will be shown to customer, but it will only be charged when the customer clicks on it. And in that click lies a  potential real buyer. In google advertising, we create a budget and we decide how much we will spend on advertising each day. We can also measure and analyze how many times our ad appeared and how many times user clicked on it. With this knowledge we can change the ad on daily basis by modifying accordingly to wishes and needs of the user.



  • analysis of your business and your competition
  • analysis of your goals
  • detailed keyword analysis
  • creating an ad
  • campaign tracking and reporting
  • ads modification
  • campaign analysis and results
  • dify them unlimitedly


  • Select a geographic position for advertising, for example, we can only advertise in Rijeka or in Berlin
  • Determine the time when the ad will run
  • Determine the budget you will spend
  • Advertise on other portals
  • Create ads with specific keywords and unlimited modify them

Content Marketing

With content marketing we provide valuable and useful information and build trust with customers, so once customer decide to buy a particular product or service he will recognize you as a specialist. With high quality, relevant and educational content, we became authority in our business and we allow users to trust us as an important source of information and knowledge. This is also one of the most important factors for Google ranking our web site on the search engine. However, as much as our content is good if we did not distribute it through other channels, such as social networks, newsletters, or advertising, it’s like it never existed.



  • analysis of your existing content
  • follow your wishes and adjust them to the wishes of the user
  • explore the optimal keywords
  • create the content for your target group
  • distribute content through optimal channels
  • measure results and upgrade content


  • it doesn’t matter you are big or small, with content marketing, you can achieve all your goals
  • content can be in form of:
  • blog, presentation, photo, video, article etc.

You have a new company? Want to organize an event or want to have recognizable brand?

But you are not sure how to start? Don’t worry we are here to start togeter and to make you brand or event well known and present!